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Title : Swallowtail
Description : Lyrics:

She was lost in the woods on the stormiest day
Where the wind stole her voice and whipped her hair away
She was only a child and was scared for her life
And she cried as the bright of lightning split the sky
As she fell into her tremors
The clouds broke into rain
She met Swallowtail
Who brought her from the storm
Who led her to a bowing willow tree
So gone were her tears and the chill in her veins
When her voice returned she found she could say

"Swallowtail I'm lost
Oh I'm lost in this storm
I can't find my way home
And I'm scared to be alone
Will you help me Swallowtail?"

Swallowtail, oh Swallowtail I'm lost
Swallowtail, oh Swallowtail
Swallowtail led her home

So her fear flew away and she grew to be bold
As the days grew shorter and summer couldn't hold
And she sprouted so tall with no harm to repair
But a new set of teeth and no ribbons in her hair
But she went back to the willow tree
Where she'd lost herself in fear
And she met Swallowtail
Who never let her down
Who never spoke a lie and helped her hurts
The child still loved that naïve company
From her aches and her worries it would always set her free

"Swallowtail I'm happy
I have everything I need
Let's spark a fire from these sticks
Make a castle out of leaves
Play with me, dear Swallowtail"

Swallowtail, oh Swallowtail I'm happy
Swallowtail, oh Swallowtail
Swallowtail loved her so

But she tired of the games, and she thought that she knew
How to run the world, so she swept away her youth
She had popular styles and she brandished her guile
In her high-heels and skirt, she could barely walk the mile
To see her old friend Swallowtail
Who'd missed her while she hid
But when she spoke
The smile slowly slipped away
When she said that she had not come back to stay
She'd been away for so long and she'd dropped out of school
She smoked and she drank when they told her it was cool

"Swallowtail, I've changed
You're not real enough for me
I've got friends in high places
And I don't need you anymore
Sayonara, Swallowtail!"

Swallowtail, oh Swallowtail I've changed
Swallowtail, oh Swallowtail
Swallowtail said farewell

So the years spun away in the blink of an eye
No longer a child was the girl who said good-bye
To Swallowtail
She went into the world with the bold in her heart
But the subtle whispers led her feet astray
And the years passed in silence
In the grove with the willow tree
And Swallowtail
Sat waiting so alone
Sat wishing in vain for her return
Barefoot she crept from her crumbling world
An ache in her broken heart as she whispered

"Swallowtail, I'm low
I played all the wrong cards
I read the world so wrong
Now it's dragging me down
Help me, Help me Swallowtail!"

"Swallowtail, I'm lost in the world
Swallowtail, I'm happy no more
But Swallowtail, I've changed for the better
Swallowtail, I'm low
Oh Swallowtail"

"I'm so low, Swallowtail"

Swallowtail put her on her feet.
And he said
"You never changed"

Swallowtail led her home.


Another song, this is actually the first one that I recorded! Again, I wrote the lyrics and tune and I sang, while my friend played the instruments and sang harmonies. I think we sound good together!

Sorry for the repetitiveness. This was before I figured out how to write songs :)
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