Dr Pepper Hand Clapping Game

1. Dr. Pepper Hand Clapping Game

2. Dr. Pepper hand clap

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4. Dr pepper hand Clapping Game!

5. "Sally Was A Baby" Fun New Hand Clapping Game

6. Dr. Pepper hand game

7. Dr Pepper Hand Clapping

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10. Hand Clapping Game "Bim Bum"

11. Sally Was A Baby Hand Clapping Game

12. Lola and Milla's Schoolyard Hand Clapping Games: I went to a Chinese resturant

13. "Lisa Warrior" Hand Clapping Game

14. Hand clapping games

15. Coca cola went to town


17. Bim bum hand clapping game~Alexa

18. Hand Clapping Games for Kids - Concentration 64

19. Hand Clapping Game "Sevens"

20. Two, Four, Six, One, One (Hand Clapping Game) 2, 4, 6, 1, 1

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